February 25, 2014

GranDining at Cafe Grand , Horsens

Snack: cockerel - vinegar dust and creamy dill
My very good friends in Horsens suggest, that we should spend a Saturday evening in some good company. Being in the company of good friends enjoying a great meal sounded as an excellent idea for me.

We met at Cafe Gran to enjoy something called "GranDining", which is all-inclusive concept known from the charter holiday. The  snack and three course menu is decided by the kitchen accompanied by a wine buffet (ad libitum) and free coffee/tea at the end. You know, when you enter the cafe, what you will end up with paying 499 DKK for food and wine regardless of how much you drink. Great concept :-)

We started off with a snack of crisp cockerel (skin ?), vinegar dust and creamy dill mayonnaise. I really like the crispness, is what like eating one big potato chips, which tasted of bacon and not chicken ! Together with the snack we were served an excellent tasting glass of pink coloured sparkling wine. Excellent combination.

Starter: coal fish with onion ad libitum
As starter we got a carefully designed plate of rimmed coal fish, onion puree, onion cream, bunt onions, dill oil and herbs. So onions was a carrying theme for this starter with plenty of taste and texture variations.

Main course: pork bone with vegetable
The main course was the favourite meat food of the Danes = pork. Blown glazed radius (the lower part of the pig leg), puffed pork rinds (which I did not located on my plate), Brussels sprouts and parsnips served a great tasting brown sauce.

I think it is the very time, that I have enjoyed radius, which turned to be very tasting. So I will not be afraid to pick this another time on a menu card.
Dessert: caramel theme

The dessert was themed around caramels in various disguise: caramel ice cream (which was not frozen enough in my opinion), coffee meringue (perfect taste of coffee), panna cotta (very cream with a refreshing taste twist of lemon) and tiny pieces of caramels. A very tasty dot to a great meal.

During the entire meal you could and some more glass of wine. You could choose between two white and two red wines, good quality wine, and there was plenty of wine during the entire evening.

I really like this all-inclusive concept as both food and wine were of great quality. As mentioned previously I paid 499 DKK (= 66 €) for both food, wine and tea. So it really value for money to participate in this GranDining. And it is not the last time, that I will enjoying GranDining. Hopefully I can find a driver next time, so I really can enjoy wine ad libitum part of the meal !!!

PS: as tradition "demands" fingers and eating equipment are a part of most of the picture, when eating together with my good friends in Horsens :-)

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