February 08, 2014

Knitted plaid after 4 weeks of knitting

It is 3 weeks ago, that I shared my first progress after 1 week of knitting, how it is was going on my knitting of a plaid in wool with you. After 4 weeks of knitting I have managed to six colour rows out of the entire 17 colour rows, so I definitely progressing having finished more than 1/3 !!!

Hannibal the Cat is not interested at all in the yarn balls now, he is either sound asleep on the top of my drink cabinet or outside the house enjoying himself

Besides from knitting today I have been quiet busy all morning in my kitchen making various exciting recipes for the upcoming Valentine´s Day, as I am planning to surprise you with five very different recipes this coming Friday from early morning to late evening. So look by my kitchen on Valentine´s Day for some inspiration for your very own Valentine :-)

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