December 12, 2016

Christmas Calendar 2016 - clementine curd

Instead of the more traditional lemon curd I have been making clementine curd using this recipe on lemon curd as starting point. Clementine is in season in connection with Christmas, so I though this twist to curd would be very fitting to this year´s Christmas Calendar.

If you look in later this month you can see, that I have been using this clementine curd for.

If you notice, that your curd is not firm enough in the glasses after the cooking, you can empty the glasses and give it a new cooking up to have more denaturation of the egg protein, as this will give thickness/firmness. However, it is very important, that the curd is not boiling as this will give an unpleasant grainy texture.

Clementine curd: - 2 glasses
  •         3 eggs
  •         200 g sugar
  •          5 organic clementines – zest and juice
  •          50 g butter – cut into smaller pieces
  1. Start by adding boiling water to the storage containers/glasses.
  2. Take the zest from the clementines as well as squeeze the clementines for their juice.
  3. Whip eggs and sugar together in a bowl, before pouring this mass into a small cooking pot.
  4. Afterwards add in the clementines zest and juice.
  5. Heat on the clementine curd mass on low heat, stir very well in the mass, heat the mass until it thickens. The clementine curd must not boil.
  6. Remove the cooking pot form the heat and stir in the butter and let it melt.
  7. Pour the clementine curd into the prepared containers/glass and place them in the refrigerator.
  8. In case you add no preservation to the clementine curd, the shelf-life of it is approx. 1 week, when stored cold in the refrigerator.

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