July 01, 2018

Celebrating 50 years birthday with open house

Mid May I celebrated my 50 years birthday, and it was a fantastic day. The day started at work, where I arrived to my work desk, which was covered with flags, birthday cards and birthday gifts from various of my good work colleagues.

After work I went home for some birthday celebration, where I have invited my neighboroughs and friends living in the Vejle area for open house.

The "menu" for the open house was birthday cake and macaroons from Vanilla (the best cake shop in Vejle). The macaroons was a birthday gift from my mother :-) The birthday cake was a eclair cake as bottom layer, which when was decorated with candy and marzipan. Plenty of my guests were saying, that this birthday cake was one of the best birthday cakes, which they had ever tasted :-)

Despite the invitation for the open house stated, that people should only bring them selves and good mood, at the end of my birthday I ended up with this table full of birthday gifts and some great birthday card greeting :-)

So all in all I had a fantastic birthday full of celebration in the company of work colleagues, some great friends and good neighboor.

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