July 07, 2018

Food shopping in Alsace

Good that my car has been upgraded from Peugeot 206 to 208, so more wine bottles could be transported back to Denmark after my Summer vacation in Alsace. I went more or less directly from the first part of my Summer vacation directly to Alsace. Well, I did empty my suitcase after my shopping spree in England, so I could bring back "goodies" from Alsace.

Last year my mother and I were bringing back approx 40 bottles of Alsace wine in the small lion car, however this year I managed to get 55 bottles of wine, cooling box full of French cheese, two cushions and a flower in a hanging basket squeezed into the lion car incl. our luggage. My mother stated, that the flower would not be able to make the trip from France to Denmark due to the higher temperature, but she did not consider, that the new lion has climate control, so now she is envious about my big Summer flower !!!

Again I did some refilling of great tasting tea in form of three teas from
 Le Théier Collection: Rose de Perse (I love rose flavoured tea :-)), Earl Grey Natural & Grande Catherine No 18.

Also various jams from Bonne Maman, milk caramel syrup, Lotus Speculloos biscuits and speculloos spread and brioche baking mix found a space in lion car

together with two new silicone baking forms and two French cake magazine "Patisserie" with great looking cake recipes. The only issue is, that the text is in French, but with the help of Google Translate is should be possible to make a look-a-like !!!

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