July 06, 2018

Tea and gin shopping in England


In mid June I had my first part of the Summer vacation, which I spend partly in England and partly in Alsace. My trip to England was a combination of some days in London, where I among other things enjoyed both a visit to a gindistillery, an afternoon tea and visits to various museums. The other part of my trip to England was another course at Denman on jam making.

However, I still had time for some shopping such as buying different tea and some new cooking books. This time the tea I brought was refills for my empty tea tins from previous previous tea shopping in London in form of Rose Pouchong from Fortnum & Mason and English Rose and Earl Grey from Whittard. AT Whittard I also found two instant tea in form of Turkish Apple and Cranberry & Raspberry, which taste great cold after brewing.

New bottles of gin also found their way to my suitcase. This also includes a hibiscus salt, which can be used for adding some red/pink colour strips into clear drinks such as gin tonics ! So my good friends in Horsens please consider yourselves warned about strange looking tin tonics, the next time you visit me in Vejle. 

The selection of gin in Billund Airport is actually quiet broad and divers compared to the gins available in Copenhagen Airport.Very often I find some new interesting gins, when I travel from Billund Airport. This time it was a rhunbarb & ginger gin from Whitley Neill, which taste great on it's own. The secon gin was the gin London Garden by Beefeater, which only can be brought at the the Beefeater Distillery in London. 

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