April 11, 2021

Easter decoration 2021


It is a Danish tradition to decorate your home with various lambs, eggs, chickens in the time up to Easter. It is also a Danish to tradition to bring tree branches to the living room, which when is decorate with various eggs decoration.

I have also started to hang up various Easter decorations with tape in my windows as a way to use all my mine Easter decorations. This year I had to hang up the Easter egg a high up as possible, as my little garden tiger Felix likes to punch to things, which are within reach :-)
Also this year I have been buying some new Easter decoration, this year in form of 3 small decoration lambs.

I have received as gift as well brought myself this selection of both eatable & body shampoo & lotions Easter eggs

It is not typical Danish to decorate your outdoor surroundings with colourfull eggs. This is much more tradition in Germany. However, I really like these outdoor decorations with eggs, so I have been doing this for the last 7 years. 

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