February 16, 2022

Knitting projects finished during 2021

Also 2021 turned out to be a year, where corona continued to set the agenda for many people in various ways. So, again it meant for me, that I spend a lots of days working from home (being grateful for this opportunity due to both job position and company policy) as well evenings spend at home due to the closure of cinemas, cafes etc. As "entertainment" I spend a lot of my spare time knitting various projects, while I attended phone meeting at work or watch TV or vlog/podcast on youtube with focus on knitting.

Looking at my knitting projects at Ravelry, I can see, that I have finished the knitting of a total of 17 different projects from bread basket cloth, over vest, cardigans to two different Christmas sweaters.  For all these various knitting projects I have used 22.931 m's of yarn, so quiet close to the amount of yarn used in 2020.

Nine of these 17 knitting projects were a part of my Make Nine 2021 knitting aspiration, which I managed to finish off late November 2021. Based on my experience I will included smaller projects in my Make Nine 2022 ambitions, so it does not become too stressful knitting the various projects.

My friend from high school and I have decided to make a new Make Nine 2022 knitting again this year. I will share this list quiet soon :-)

Here below you can photos of some of my various knitting projects finished in 2021:

So Faded by Andrea Mowry

Christmas sweater 2020 by Önling/Katrine Hannibal

Yakokse by Annette Danielsen

Hals sweater by Sigknitture

Chunky Cardigan by Skabagtig.dk

Peacock Tee by Lene Holme Samsøe

Endelave slipover by Kit Couture

Femina's bøllehat

Tyk-tynd T-shirt by Skabagtig.dk

Trio Sommer by Hanne Larsen

Irma knit top by Önling/Katrine Hannibal

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