October 22, 2012

Madeleinekager (Madeleines) from "Hjemmebagt"

Madeleines - shinny and fantastic taste
 "Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 19 accomplished = 54 recipes to bake

Juhuuu - progress again !!! This time is only took me 14 days to bake a new recipe from the baking book "Hjemmebagt". And this time I have tested out a sweet recipe in form of Madeleines. This is very first time, that I have been testing my baking capabilities on such a cake recipe using my silicone Madeleine form for this very purpose, instead of making chocolate/marzipan sweets in it.

A little over-filled Madeleine form ready for baking
The recipe contains all the "goodness" in form of butter, sugar, flour, vanilla pod, lemon peel, lemon juice and pickled ginger. The dough tasted fantastic, and the smell from the oven was great and the Madeleine on it´s very own was just overly tasteful, uuuhmmm.

It is not the last time I making Madeleines, I could easily imaging twisting this recipe into a more Christmas type of Madeleine still using the pickled ginger.

I found, that you should NOT fill the Madeleine form to the very last inch, as the Madeleines will grow together during the baking process. However, these grown-together "vanished" at work today regardless of their sharp !!!

I would also like to thanking those of you, how voted on my apple contribution at the apple blog event on the Norvegian blog Matbloggsentral. The apple fish recipe got voted in on a top 19 out of 108 postings  combined with quiet many post views. It is amazing, the amount of traffic such a participation can attract. Thank you for your support - and I can promised it will not be my last participation in such a competition.

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