October 20, 2012

Preparing for PINK fund raising afternoon tea tomorrow

The invitation to my girl friends for the PINK afternoon tea

Tomorrow´s  PINK outfit
Today I am busy for preparing for tomorrow´s PINK afternoon tea, so I am just sharing some pictures with you of these preparations.

As some of you know, I involved my work colleagues in a PINK muffin fund raising recently, so now it is my girls friends being involved in similar activity.
After the good response from my work colleagues, I feel ready for yet another step out of my comfort zone in form inviting people to afternoon tea, where they would have to bring money instead of a more normal hostess gift. Again the donated money will be forwarded to "A race against breast cancer".

The motivating factor for making my own fund raising events is, that my grand mother and her sister both dead of breast cancer.

PINK being the colour of the afternoon tea

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