October 09, 2012

Out eating again with rowers

"Shoothing star"
Some time ago I was out eating again with my rowing friends in connection with a rowing tour. We had decided to eat out instead of bringing the usual casserole served together with rice, which is typical rowing food.

There is not that many places to eat in Julesminde, in case you do not want to eat in small fish & chips shops, so we ended up at Spisestedet. This evening the menu was limited due to a big  buffet being served. We did not feel like eating buffet food (it did look fine and interesting), we all ended up eating the only seafood being available, which is typical Danish dish called "Shooting star".

"Shooting star" is a fried fish fillet and boiled fish fillet served on white toast bread. The fish fillets are decorated with scrimps, white asparagus and mayonnaise.

This version of "Shooting star" was OK, but not expectional. I could have "lived without" the slice of salmon (the only seafood, which I have a hate relationship to) and the asparagus coming directly from a can !!!

The restaurant was more than happy to exchange the traditional white toast bread with rye bread. Otherwise the service was suffering from few servants, all being very young and lighter forgetful. It was a completely different experience compared to eating at Rudolf Matis, however it price level is also in total different league.

Would I eat at Spisestedet another time ? I do not really know how to answer this question. The food was OK, but I would perhaps prefer cafe instead of, which would have similar or slight lower price level.

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