October 02, 2012

Dinner at la viet

Selection of starters

In connection with an international meeting at work with colleagues from around the world we wanted to eat at an informal place, where eating and talking would have equal amount of space. It is also important, that the many different nationalities would feel comfortable with the food served.

Having all these things in mind, we decided to try out la viet for this occasion. And here we had a good start, as we could choose between chop sticks and fork & knife at each individual seat, so each person took use their preference as cutlery.

As usual, when we are such a big group of people (20 persons), the menu had been decided upon the booking of the tables. However, la viet responded without hesitation, when it turned, that one of the participants was vegetarian and therefore is not eating meat, eggs and seafood.

Main dish - chicken with green curry

As a start we had a selections of delicious tasting starter consisting of:
  • crips scrimps with chili, basil and coriander
  • rice paper with vegetable and duck
  • chicken wings with anise and chili
Afterwards we had another selection of three main course in form of:
Noddle dish with port and vegetable
  • chicken with green curry and ginger
  • wok with scrimps
  • noddle with pork and vegetable
The level of spice was just perfect, tasteful, spicy and not to hot.

I would like to come back another time to try some more dishes at la viet.

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