October 08, 2012

Æble-daddel brød from "Hjemmebagt"

Apple-date bread - uuhmm :-)
 "Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 18 accomplished = 55 recipes to bake

Adding apple and date pieces into the dough

Bread after finished raising in raise cart
With Autumn ruling outside with rain and wind, it was a perfect opportunity to start baking bread again and thereby continue on my "task" to bake a single recipe in the baking book "Hjemmebagt". It is actually 5½ month, since I last have been baking anything from this baking book in form of ringridderboller, so it is about time, that I got baking again.

I took the decision to bake the bread called "Æble-daddel brød" (= Apple-date bread), which in mu opinion is very fitting to all the apples here in Autumn.

The bread is a mix of three different flours (fine spelt, whole grain spelt and durum flour), salt, buttermilk, water and then apples and date of cause.

After kneading the bread, the diced apple and date in added into the bread by gentle kneading, be careful doing this, otherwise you end up with apple and date pieces everywhere in the kitchen. And you should also be careful with using plenty of flour in the bread raise cart/basket for the the last raising, before the bread is baked. If you use too little flour, it is going to be difficult to get the bread dough out of the raise cart, as the dough is sticking to it.

The bread has a lovely flavour with some level of sweetness coming from the pieces of apple and date.

Bread dough to be baked

Baked bread

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