October 01, 2012

Rumtopf - now completed with Autumn raspberries

Autumn raspberries swimming in rum

On the my way home from work I passed by my very good friends in Horsens in order to collect Autumn raspberries, which turned out to be the last summer fruits from the Danish Summer of 2012 moving into the Rumtopf.

Autumn raspberries ready for their faith in form of rum soup
I actually had to remove some of the rum from the Rumtopf in order to squeeze in these wonderful tasting Autumn raspberries. However, the removed rum is saved, so I can enjoy it, before the Rumtopf is ready for consumption. And yes, there is some rum as well for some very good people, which I know in Horsens :-)

This Summer Challenge (2012 ?) of mine has been a very easy task to test out, as you only have to clean the fruit, before you add fruit and sugar into the rum. So I can only encourage you to try to make your own Rumtopf next year.

It has been quiet an inspiration for me to make this Rumtopf, as you have been following the Summer and Autumn closely in form of the fruit added into the rum soup as well as thinking forward to fruits, which could be relevant to add into rum soup.

Now it is just a question for me and the people, who kindly have donated/provide fruit for the Rumtopf, to wait until Christmas, before the Rumtopf will enjoyed.

As usual I cleaned the fruit followed by weighing them, so I know the amount of sugar need as well. Afterwards I add them on top of fruit already in the rum "soup". 

Rumtopf of 2012:
Rumtopf full many different summer fruit from 2012
  • Rhubarb + sugar
  • 580 g strawberries   
  • 290 g sugar
  • 318 g red currants
  • 157 g sugar
  • 160 g raspberries
  • 80 g sugar
  • 124 g white red currant
  • 62 g sugar
  • 475 g blackcurrants
  • 238 g sugar
  • 272 g plums
  • 132 g sugar
  • 468 g blackberries
  • 234 g sugar
  • 680 g Autumn raspberries
  • 340 g sugar
  • Rum, rum and yet some more rum 

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