September 30, 2012

Blackberries in white port

Blackberries in white port

Blackberries are surrounding me in my little kitchen, and I am doing my best to keep coming up with new ideas on how to use these wonderful berries.

This time I decided to look into the future, where Christmas is getting closer and closer incl the different food types, which is consumed in connection with Christmas such as ris a la mande. This dessert is typical served together with cherry sauce, but why try to serve blackberries instead of.

So I decided to use this recipe on plums in port a la Dansukker, an exchange the plums with blackberries and use white port instead of the usual red port. On a personal level I much prefer a glass on cold white port over a glass of red port.

After the storage of the blackberries in the white port night over, the colour of the white port had turned into the colour of red port.

Blackberries in white port:

  • 400 g blackberries
  • 240 g white port
  • 200 g dark Muscovado sugar
  • potassium sorbat - optional
  1. Clean the plums, cut them in half and remove the stone.
  2. Place them in pot and fill the port on top. I use a small saucer in order to keep the plums down in the port, so they are floating around.
  3. Leave the blackberries for minimum 8 hours in the refrigerator.
  4. Add the dark Muscovado sugar and stir well.
  5. Add boiling water to the storage glass.
  6. Add everything into a cooking pot.
  7. Let the blackberries boil softly for 5 minutes
  8. Empty the glass for the hot water.
  9. Pour everything into the storage glass
  10. Serve the blackberries either warm or cold together with whipped (dairy) cream or ice cream

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