September 28, 2012

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

Finally it is week-end after a week with three working days full of full-day meetings, so my head and I need to relax ! And what better way to do this, than by mixing a refreshing drink with plenty of taste and ice-cubes.

I found the idea of mixing apple juice with elder flower cordial in the latest number of Idenyt, so I have been twisting this suggestion by adding in some vodka. Do yourselve the favour to use some good quality apple juice, so not the apple juice produced from concentrate, which many time is soo sweet tasting and lack the taste of apple.

So I will relax, enjoy the beginning of the week-end in front of me, while I look into my garden, where I can see my family apple tree full of apples, sipping this wonderful taste combination of Apple Blossom.

Apple Blossom: 1 drink
Apple with Apple Blossom
  • 3 cl vodka
  • 3 cl elder flower cordial
  • 27 cl apple juice
  • ice cubes
  • slice of apple for decoration - optional
  1. Pour the gin into a high ball glass
  2. Pour the elder flower cordial on top of the vodka
  3. Pour apple into the glass as well.
  4. Top up with ice cubes
  5. CHEERS :-)

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