September 19, 2012

Rumtopf - more blackberries moving in

Blackberries swimming around in the "rum soup"

I receive some more fresh blackberries from my good work colleague again this week. And it has been and still is busy work week for me, I decided to turn of these blackberries into "raw" blackberry jam (recipe to follow later) and put the rest of the blackberries up on top the blackberries already swimming in the Rumtopf, so less time consuming kitchen activities.

As usual I cleaned the fruit followed by weighing them, so I know the amount of sugar need as well. Afterwards I add them on top of fruit already in the rum "soup" topping of with yet some more rum. 

    Content in Rumtopf as of today:
    Blackberries - ripe and ready
    • Rhubarb + sugar
    • 580 g strawberries   
    • 290 g sugar
    • 318 g red currants
    • 157 g sugar
    • 160 g raspberries
    • 80 g sugar
    • 124 g white red currant
    • 62 g sugar
    • 475 g blackcurrants
    • 238 g sugar
    • 272 g plums
    • 132 g sugar
    • 468 g blackberries
    • 234 g sugar
    • Rum, rum and yet some more rum 

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