September 07, 2012

Today Hannibal the Cat turns four year

Portrait of Hannibal the Cat - painted by the neighbour
Guess who is having birthday today ? Well, it is not me, but Hannibal the Cat turns four year today ( I assume you already guessed it from the headline to this blog post).
Rain is not favourite weather of Hannibal the Cat
Hannibal the Cat is the garden lion of my little blog - he is not active at all in my kitchen, unless he is destroying the butter pot on his way of getting hold of his favourite butter - Thise organic butter. However, he is quiet capable for making his very own mouse sushi, which he luckily enough never brings home (highly appreciated by me).

Hannibal the Cat spend most of his awaking time away from home, enjoying the nature surrounding my house and garden in form of fields and forest. So when he is at home, he spend most of his time sound at sleep in many funny sleeping positions, which you can see some off below.
Sleeping position number 1

Sleeping position number 2

Sleeping position number 3

Sleeping position number 4

Hannibal the Cat is also a keen climber, he really enjoys moving up and down in the one and only troll willow of my garden, and when he is doing this, I call him a "monkey cat".

Being a "monkey cat" in the troll willow
I will not call Hannibal a keener gardener, but he really likes to follow my various on-going activity in the garden, some time snicking in on me like a silent hunter.
Keep your hands away from my crocus
Hip - hip - hurra to Hannibal and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

PS: your birthday guests will first come around Thursday next week - well you are probably not a home any, when the guests arrive !!!!!

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