September 20, 2012

Blackberries - how to use this wonderful fruit of the forerest

First blackberries of 2012
Blackberry singing in the sun of Autumn, take these blackberrier and learn to cook.
All your life, you were only waiting for this season to arise

Blackberry is a wonderful autumn fruit, which you actually can collect yourselves for free in the Danish forests. The blackberry season started 2 weeks ago here in Denmark, and I can see from my blog postings done in 2011, that the blackberry season continue until mid November last year. So you have plenty of time to go and pick your own blackberries and test them in one or more of the recipes with focus on blackberry below in this blog post.

I am in this luckily situation, that a good work colleague of mine supply me with freshly picked blackberries from his garden very frequently during autumn time, so I do not even have to go a pick my own blackberries, this is first class service.

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