September 06, 2012

Limoncello - lemon flavour vodka

Day 0 for the l
When ever I have travelling in Italy, I always bring limoncello home with me, as I have an addiction to this sweet lemon flavoured liqueur. So when I found this recipe on limoncello by Louisa Lorang, I decided to try to make this addiction of mine on my own.

As you are using the peel of lemon, I would strongly recommend you to use organic lemon, as these lemons are not treated with un-wanted things. So therefore I made an extra order together with my weekly vegetable box from Årstiderne. And I got 10 lemons, so therefore I have started a "new production" of limoncello.

I am really looking to enjoy this lemon flavoured vodka ice cold dreaming about excellent Italian food and Italy.

Limoncello a la Louisa Lorang: - 4 dl vodka drink

  • 3 organic lemon - only the peel is used
  • 3 dl vodka with neutral taste
  • 1½ dl water
  • 100 g sugar
      Day 6 for the limoncello
  1. Add boiling water into the storage glass
  2. Peel the lemons with potato peeler, avoid to have to much of the white part of the peel.
  3. Empty the storage glass for boiling water.
  4. Place the lemon peels in the storage glass. Pour vodka on top of the lemon peels.
  5. Let the vodka and lemon peel rest for 6-8 days.
  6. Make a sugar syrup from boiling water and sugar  together. Cool the sugar syrup down, before adding it to the lemon vodka.
  7. Remove the lemon peel 1 day after addition of the sugar syrup.
  8. Fill the lemon flavoured vodka into a bottle, which has been scalded.
  9. Store the lemon flavoured vodka in the refrigerator.
  10. Serve the lemon flavoured vodka ice cold with ice cubes.
After addition of the sugar syrup

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