September 21, 2012

Meeting some Danish food-bloggers in REAL LIFE over a great meal

Moules marinières - mussels
Some time ago I participated in a give-away hosted by the inspiring Danish food-blogger Klidmoster, who celebrate 1000 fans on her facebook page. The winner could win a dinner together with Klidmoster.
When very recently Klidmoster on behave of the restaurant owner of Klassisk 65 invited all the participants in the give-away competition to meet up for mussels and cava at Klassisk 65.

Escargots - snails in butter and garlic
Yes, I had participated in the original give-away and I went back to read my original comment to Klidmoster: "Hej Malou ! Congratulation with this mile stone of yours. It could great to meet you in real life besides from your presence here in virtual life. Many kitchen greeting Kirsten".

Wednesday evenings I am normally busy with "water ballet lesson", but this is weekly occasion, whereas being able to meet Klidmoster in "real life" would be an rare occasion, so I decided to say "yes, please" to the kind invitation. Even it meant eating mussels, which is not on my top 5 of seafood dishes, however, cava is just the treat for a champagne girl like me.

Tatar of beef tenderloin and raw egg yolk
Signing up for this event felt quiet out of my comfort zone, as I knew no one at all for this upcoming event. However, I felt obliged to sign up looking at my comment to Klidmoster.

Approaching the restaurant Wednesday evening I saw a huge group of people standing outside, waiting for the door to open and let all the fans of Klidmoster in-side to be wined and dined.

Tatar and fresh salad
I found a small table for the evening, where there was room for four persons, which allows for a good conservation between everyone around the table. Around the table I meet Anne from Annes Køkken, Britt from Den Hvide Tallerken and Rikke from Camp Chaos. Thank you to all three of you for some great company :-)

Blogging, this specific invitation, our reason for blogging and the fantastic meal almost sparked the talk around the table as well as all the camera phone, as we kept taking pictures of the food. It is going to be interesting, which of us four bloggers, who will be posting the first post on this event ?

Søren and his crew from Klassisk 65 kept serving mussels and wine for us, and suddenly new un-expected dishes turned up on the table, in form of snails, tatar and we ended the meal with a small cheese selection. Wauw - what a surprise for all of us :-)
Plateau de Fromages

It was actually the very time for me eating tatar, now I have tried it, but I will not freely order tatar on my own another time. The thought about raw meat and unknown bacteria is main reason for not doing this, so you may call me sensitive.

Going home from the event, I felt great and such energy having moved myself out off my own comfort zone and meeting up for this event with all these unknown people.

One thing is to sign up for conference at work, where you also know no one, but here you come together with your job/profession as "backing group".

In total 28 persons turned up for this fantastic event full of plenty talk, perfect atmosphere, great food and nice free-flowing wine. So a BIG thank you to both Søren and Klidmoster for this invitation :-)
I am feeling much more comfortable for turning up at another event, where you can meet food-bloggers in "real life".
The cheese selection


  1. Hej Kirsten

    Tusind tak for de søde ord - og fordi du mødte op og var med til at gøre det til en ganske særlig aften :-)

    1. Hej Malou !

      Tusind til Søren og dig for et fantastisk måltid og en rigtig dejlig oplevelse.

      Mange hilsner Kirsten


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