September 16, 2012

Celebrating Hannibal the Cat

Birthday gift to Hannibal the Cat

Celebrating the fourth year birthday of Hannibal the Cat was just an excuse for gathering some good local girls friends on an ordinary week day having a drink or two. Even Hannibal the Cat decided to join us in "celebrating" him and his 4 years, as he stay in-side the house looking at us from "his" chair in the window bay.

And some of guests were bringing some birthday gifts along - so Hannibal the Cat now has a new toy and a gift card for a "stay away from home" at his good neighbour.

Orange, brown and green goes together very well
As company for the cocktail of gin with lime and rhubarb cordial I served carrots and grissini together a "humus" of edam beans and peas. This "humus" was tasting so great, I will share this recipe with you in the coming few days.

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