October 07, 2012

Dinner af "Grappa"

Soup of Jerusalem artichoke
Recently I had the opportunity to eat at Restaurant Grappa located in Århus with a group of colleagues. Afterwards I was left with mixed impression, as some of the food was OK, while the rest was bland. Perhaps it related to the fact, that we were such a big group of people, that the menu had been ordered in advance for all of us, so we all served the same food.
Starter with salmon

We started with a thick creamy soup of Jerusalem artichoke. The texture was great, but the taste was too salty for me. I really dis-like salty food.

The second starter was salmon. It would nice, but after being served too much salmon during the years, I prefer anything other seafood than salmon. The three balls of salmon all had the same flavour profile, here it would have been great, if they have had three different flavours.

Beef with red & yellow beetroot
One of my work colleagues can not tolerate salmon, here the staff react smooth and fast and supplied another starter in form buchetta. She shared some of it with me and another colleague. And this really taste excellent !!!!

As main course we got beef served with potato mash, red & yellow beetroot. The colours was good, but again I experienced too so salt on the beef !!!

As a sweet ending we of cause were served tiramisu, which was pretty good being light and creamy with good taste combination.

So as you can see, I am left with mixed impression based on this pre-ordered served menu. However, the fast reaction towards seafood allergy was very positive, and the seafood-free starter tasted great.

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