November 02, 2012

Kitchen equipment 13 - electrical kettle

As part of a birthday gift from my mother, I got some money for a new electrical kettle, as my old kettle sometimes did not stop to boil, so my kettle kitchen was turned into a steam bath !!!!!

And I decided to buy a kettle, which would be able to heat up / boil the water to various temperatures, as I am a keen tea drinker. As recommendation from my good friends in Horsens, I bought a kettle called Krups - Pittsburgh BW410, which can heat the water to five different temperatures:  50'C - 60'C - 70'C - 85'C - 100'C. This kettle can also keep the water on the selected temperature.

Depending on the selected temperature the colour of the water in the kettle will change from BLUE (lower temperature) over PURPLE (medium warm temperature) to RED (boiling water), I am really fascinated by this colour change.

The "only" issue is, that the colour of the actually kettle is boring BLACK !!!!!!

Anyway I am very satisfied with my new kettle and it´s capabilities.


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