November 15, 2012

Impressions from extended week-end to Switzerland

Christmas decoration
I have decided to share my impression from an extended week-end visiting a very good girl friend in Switzerland with you just in form of the various pictures, which I took in this connection.

Funny fountain in Basel

Enjoying Apfel Strudel outside in sunshine on a November day

Visiting Läckerli huus in Basel, where you can buy such a wonderful spice cake as well as a ginger bread house for assembling at home.
Old-fashion mail box

Kitchen lamp created from kitchen equipment

Have a look at these fantastic kitchen lamps created from kitchen equipment - I saw these lamps in a kitchen equipment shop located in Postgasse in Bern.

Spaghetti for the big family

Ready to bake mixed for sables, muffins or scones

Ready to bake ginger bread biscuits incl form and decoration - so you have no excuse this for not baking your own Christmas cakes

Wonderful sugar flower made from real flowers like violets and lavenders

Cake-style decoration for your Christmas tree

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  1. Hej Karin !

    Nej, vi så ingen lamper lavet af køkkenure. Til gengæld fik jeg stillet nogle æggeure, inden at vi forlod butikken, så de kunne larme i vores fravær.

    Mange hilsner Kirsten


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