November 16, 2012

Tapas lunch in Basel

 Gambas al ajillo
I have been visiting a very good girl friend of mine, who is living in Switzerland. I took the night train from Kolding and all the way to Basel, where I meet with my friend for a short sight-seeing tour in Basel incl the most important part: a visit to Läckerli Huus, a Swizz bakery producing the most fantastic tasting cookie, which is "worth killing for !".

During our walk around the older part of the city in Basel, it was time for a lunch, and here we decided to have lunch at a tapas place called: spalenburg.tapasdelmar.

And all the fingers and hands on the pictures is my friend trying to be a part of this blog posting in her very won way !!!!!

Pasta de berenjenas
We ordered a selection of four different tapas dishes. The first one was scrimps in garlic - great taste and texture.

The second was bruschetta with egg plant, walnuts and tomatoes, another perfect combination.
Tortilla española

The third dish was a bit more substantial, as we ordered an omelet containing potatoes and onion.
Champifions al aijllo


And finally the forth dish mushrooms with garlic, as I was having a serious cold, which my good friend wanted to protect herself from. Also a great taste and texture combination.

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