November 23, 2012

Dinner at Landgasthof Sternen in Grosshöchstetten

Bread and butter in front of simple, but beautiful Autumn decoration
During my recent extended week-end to Switzerland I had the pleasure to eat another inn (landgasthof) in the village of Grosshöchstetten. I have previous been eating lunch in this village at another inn called Landgasthof Löwen. However, this evening we went to Landgasthof Sternen for dinner.

Porcino soup with whipped cream
As starter my good girl friend and I both started with having a very creamy and tasteful porcino soup topped with whipped cream. Perfect starter for the following main course.

Saddle of hare waiting the "big" show
As we main course we shared saddle of hare being prepared by the land lord at our table involving flambeing in, frying and creation of the juniper sauce to follow the hare.

The saddle of hare in juniper sauce has served together with Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, apple with red currant gel and spätzli.

It was a fantastic meal, where we both were full after the first serving of the hare.

When the land lord noticed, that we could not a second portion, he called us weak eaters.

Saddle of hare in juniper sauce
However, we could off cause get the rest of the hare with us. The only problem, that it was not a usual request, so the inn had no single use containers for this purpose, so the leftovers was packed into tin foil a la bird look. Therefore my friend is considering to bring her own container for any leftovers next time she goes to this inn.

The final plate

"Birdie-bag" with hare leftovers
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