November 04, 2012

Tea and cake at Historisches Cafè Am Markt, Goslar

Lübeck cream cake
During an extended week-end to Goslar, Harz, Germany my mother and I found a favourite cake called Historisches Cafè Am Markt, where we every day passed by to either drink a glass of wine or enjoy a wonderful piece of cake together with a cup of tea or coffee.

This cafe is having the usual "normal" tables and chairs with some funny addition of old style sofas and armchairs, where you sometime almost felt, that you sitting 30 cm over the floor.

So if you pass by Goslar, go and have a cup of coffee/tea together a wonderful piece of cake, like this Lübeck cream cake covered in Lübecker Marzipan, two different cake layer (white and chocolate) and two cream layers.

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