November 17, 2012

Lunch as Postgasse Cafe in Bern

Macaroni with meat sauce
In Bern you can find a little cafe serving traditional Swiss food at a place called Cafe Postgasse
located in the street Postgasse. The interior looks like something from 1970´s with it´s wood panels and brown colour.

Macaroni with grated cheese and apple puree
It is one of my very good girl friend´s favourite lunch places in Bern, and it was great to some warm food to eat away from a very, very rainy Bern.

I went for the macaroni served together with meat sauce, freshly grated cheese and apple puree, which is adding an interesting sweetness to this savoury dish.

My friend got a typical Swiss dish in form of a käsesnitte, which is bread with ham laying in some wine and covered with plenty of cheese.

Käsesnitte - bread with ham and plenty of cheese
For dessert my friend had vermicelle, which is traditional seasonal dish as it is made from chestnut puree looking like spaghetti and served with whipping cream. Strange flavour combination for my mouth !!!
Stay away from my dessert - vermicelle - chestnut puree

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