November 10, 2012

Kitchen equipment 15 - pastry press

Besides from shopping in supermarkets, when I am travelling outside Denmark, I also like browse around in shops or department stores, where you can buy kitchen equipments.
I find it very fascinating to look and touch all the funny kitchen things, which you had no idea about, that you could live without in your own "little" kitchen.

This time I found a butter cookie press with 10 different disc and 6 different nozzles for decorating creams.

I am planning to use this pastry press for my upcoming Christmas baking, so I will let you know, how easy/difficult it is to use this press.


  1. One of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment! Lots of yummy treats to be made.

    Best wishes, Alex

    1. Hej Alex,

      I have been using my pastry press for the first time ever this evening. I am struggling a bite with it, as the cookie will not stick to the baking paper, but is sticking perfect to my kitchen table. I have to use it more, so I get more experience with it.

      Many kitchen greeting - Kirsten


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