November 09, 2012

New round of food shopping in Germany October 2012

Ready-to-use sugar icing

As mentioned many times before, I really like to go "food shopping", when I am travelling outside Denmark, as you can find so many more interesting food stuff else where than in Danish supermarkets. In October I was on an extended week-end in Germany, where shopping in supermarkets is an important point on my "To-do-list".

This time I found ready-to-use icing sugar, and as it has had the colour of purple, it found it´s way into my shopping basket. And this is not a big surprise for any of my friends, which are fully aware of my fascination of purple.

As we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, I was stocking up on sucat, orange peel and cocktail cherries, which I will be needing in my upcoming Christmas baking.
I also found these two glasses of mustard sauce, the glass to the left is orange mustard sauce targeted  for use with softer and mould cheeses. The glass for the right is fig and mustard sauce targeted towards hard cheese types.
The box for making ice tea with lemon and mint flavour also look quiet interesting to me, so now it has moved into my kitchen cupboards.
The box contains different coloured decorations sugars, which you can use for decorating of cookies and glass rimes.
In Germany there is tradition of making mohn cakes. Mohn is poppy seeds, and I found two different poppy seeds for use in cakes, which I am looking forward to turn into cake in my own little kitchen. I will keep you posted on my progress on baking mohn cakes.
Also a few bags of almond flour found their ways into my shopping basket, as I also have am ambition of making my own macaroons, where almond flour is a key ingredients.

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