January 18, 2013

Dinner at Sokeri-Jussi at Oulu, Finland

On our second evening in Oulu we covered up in warm clothes and went out into the cold evening, with temperature at - 18'C. Walking on snow in these low temperatures has it´s very special creaking sound. I wanted to taste some local food, so I dragged my colleagues with me to a Lappish style restaurant called Sokeri-Jussi housed in a old wood house. The entire decoration was like in agriculture museum, which was were fitting to the house.

I really like to eat game, so when I can see this on the menu card, I will select the game dish. In this case I actually had to chose between elk or reindeer, so I decided to go for a cousin of Rudolf with the red noise.

The Tavern Cocktail made up of Shaman Spirits Lingonberryvodka (2 cl), Shaman Spirits honey-liqueur (2 cl), Granberry juice, Soda water and ice. It had a wonderful red colour, the taste was good, but I have no plan of re-creating this cocktail at home.

As starter I selected the Lappish appetizers in form of both cold-smoked and warm-smoked reindeer roast, forest mushroom salad, pickled cucumber and cranberry jelly. I liked everything on this plate.
The main course was Tavern style reindeer in form of roasted and sliced reindeer sirloin, dark cranberry sauce, creamy false morel stew, oven root vegetable, cranberry jelly and roasted Lappish potatoes topped of with a stem of rosemary.

The meat was excellent with it´s dark meat taste and structure like soft butter. And the morel stew was just great in taste.

In total I ended to with paying approx 67 € for food and drinks incl a cup of tea.

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