January 24, 2013

News teas for my tea cup 15 - four differents from Belgium

During a visit to Belgium in May 2012 I found an interesting tea shop called Javana, where I brought four very different teas:
  • Lavender love - black tea with lavender
  • Lady Blue - Earl Grey with corn flowers + orange and lemon
  • Vitamineboost - black tea with taste of grapefruit
  • Flower Power - black Ceylon tea with rose, jasmine, corn flower and lychee
The Lady Blue and Vitamineboost were on a fast track through my tea pot and tea cup due to their excellent taste profile.

Lavender love is simply to dominated by the lavender flavour, as one or two cups per day is the very maximum, which you can drink without getting nightmare. If you would like to taste lavender tea, I would recommend you to make you very own version, just as I did here: home-mixed lavender tea. When my good girl friend from Horsens read this post, she will some how feel revenged after her tasting on my home-made lavender tea.

Flower Power is a little to plain for my taste buds, so I still have plenty of this tea in one of my many tea tins.

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