January 20, 2013

Sigtebrød med sirup - Term bread with syrup

"Hjemmebagt" - 73 recipes - 21 accomplished = 52 recipes to bake

I have been baking again this week, this time the recipe called "Sigtebrød med syrup" from "Hjemmebagt". Normally sigtebrød is a type of bread, which I would never ever buy myself in a shop, as it stand for me as on of the most boring bread type without special about it !!! However, after I have been making sigtebrød myself, I have really change my opinion at least about the home-made version. And the taste of this bread is just amazing.

This is a bread, where you have to plan very well in advance, that you would like to have a piece of sigtebrød, as this bread dough has to cold raise for 10-12 hours followed by a raising at room temperature for 4 hours followed by the final raising in the bread form for another 3 hours at room temperature !!!!!

This specific sigtebrød is baked from finely sifted wheat flour and finely sifted rye flour, malt syrup, buttermilk, salt and water, and finally brushed with melted butter just before baking.

Having baked two different recipes from "Hjemmebagt" with a time frame of two weeks, I am suddenly making serious progress on my taste to bake all the different recipes from this wonderful bread. Last year I only managed to bake 6 different recipes during the entire year of 2012, so perhaps I have to relax a bite with this baking thing of mine ?

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