August 15, 2014

One of the five best home-made Danish jams 2014

Yes !!! My apricot jam with lavender / abrikos marmelade med lavendel has been awarded as one of the five best home-made Danish jams of 2014 in a competition (Isabellas - laver du Danmarks lækreste syltetøj) runed by the magazine Isabellas and Dansukker.

Perhaps I should sell my remaining glasses of this apricot jam a fortune ? I am looking forward to have your bid for one of the five glasses left in my kitchen :-)

Today I have therefore received a goodie-bag from Dansukker full of various sugar products for further creations in my little kitchen.


  1. Awesome! Congrats on this! I'd like one to share with my colleagues for our morning meeting with fresh bread. I can't wait to taste it - never had this combination. What do you want for it Ms. Kiki? -Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara,

      one award winning glass is on it´s way to you for your morning breakfast meeting for a special price for you :-) Kirsten


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