August 10, 2014

Tea with Summer flowers

You can add flowers or herbs from your garden into your tea to give it a flavour twist. This time I did not go for a flavour modification of my tea, but for a more visual appealing tea instead of bringing the Summer inside to my tea containers.

I assume it would be better to store your tea in metallic containers to prevent oxidation coming from sun light, when you use glass for storage of tea. However, when you can see inside the tea tin and see how the Summer has moved into your tea as well !!! Therefore I store these type of teas in glass container, which is placed in my little kitchen window being a part of the decoration.

It is important, that you use dried Summer flowers, as un-dried flower heads can make the entire mouldy and thereby undrinkable.

Tea with Summer flowers:
  • 50 g Earl Gray tea
  • 3-5 heads of eatable Summer flowers - dried
  1. Remove the leafs from the Summer flowers, so they are individual, and thereby can give visual impact to the tea.
  2. Mix tea leafs and flower leafs together.
  3. Store in airtight container.

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