August 21, 2014

Liqueur with cherry and liquorice root a la Isabellas Countryliv

When I noticed this recipe in the magazine Isabellas CountryLiv issue 3/2014 on liqueur made on aquavita, fresh cherries and liquorice roots I knew at once, that I need to test it out in my little kitchen.

I decided to make two changes to the recipe. I replaced the plain sugar with brown sugar instead off, that I like the caramel/liquorice flavour from this type of sugar. And instead of making the liqueur in two portions I decided to pour all the ingredients into one big storage glass.

I am really looking forward to taste this liqueur.

Liqueur with cherry and liquorice root a la Isabellas Countryliv:

  • 20 fresh cherries
  • 4 whole liquorice roots
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 70 cl clear Brøndum (clear Danish aquavita without taste)
  1. Start by pouring boiling water into the storage glass, let the glass stand for 5 minutes, before emptying it.
  2. Cut four small cutting into each cherries. Do not remove the stone from the cherry.
  3. Bank the liquorice roots with a rolling pin to open up these roots.
  4. Place cherries, liquorice roots and brown sugar into the storage glass. Pour the aquavita into the glass as well.
  5. Shake the glass, before it is stored cold and dark for minimum 3-4 weeks, before you can enjoy the taste of it.

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