August 04, 2014

Barbecue evening of 2014

Where are the guests ?

Taking a nap waiting for the guests to arrive
Saturday evening a group of great friends as usual meet in my little garden for the yearly barbecue event, where all participants bring their part of the food. I take care of the firing up the grill, the liquid part of the menu and the sweet dessert part. Hannibal the Cat was coming and going, not being able to locate his usual resting spot on the terrace, which was occupied by the bonfire plate.

The weather was just perfect this evening, it was quiet windy, but the temperature were above 20'C during most of the evening, so we could sit outside enjoying the a perfect Danish Summer evening.

Starter: samosa with two types of dip
The starter was samosa made from filo dough and a filling of Summer greens like potatoes, asparagus and spices. Two different dips came along the samosa: one being cucumber with chili in vinegar dressing and the second being cucumber in yogurt. Excellent start to this barbecue evening :-)

Sausage selection
The main course was a selection of various sausages, as the guest bringing the meat part had to travel with train from Copenhagen to Vejle, so it had to be possible to transport the food under safe condition.

As company to the sausages one of the guests from Horsens was bringing a selection of five different garden greens such as:
  • freshly dug up potatoes
  • cold slaw made from pointed cabbage and carrots
  • Summer salad made from salad leafs, tomatoes, onion and white salad cheese
  • tzatziki
  • red beet salad
"Garden greens" from Horsens
Bonfire plate
Using the remaining barbecue charcoal a fire was lit in the bonfire plate on the terasse, which played an important role for preparation of the dessert.

As the flames were dancing around the bonfire plate, one of the guest behaved extremely well, as she fill a bucket with water for the just-in-case event taking place - safety first :-)

The dessert this year was twist bread (this year without marzipan) and roasted marshmallows served as filling between two Oreo-style biscuits. The Danish vanilla biscuit called Mariekiks would be another good serving suggestions for roasted marshmallows. None of the guests had never tried to roast marshmallows as biscuit filling, so this turned out to be great thing to do.

Baking twist bread

Marshmallow and Oreo-style biscuit

Ready to be eaten !

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