August 14, 2014

Smørrebrød at Remouladen

After a rowing tour with some rowing friends coming from outside Vejle, we decided to have lunch at Remouladen, as it is situated more or less next door to the rowing club in Vejle. So it was an easy place to eat in this specific situation.

I decided to have two classic pieces of open Danish sandwiches: the first being egg with scrimps served on rye bread and the second being fried filet of plaice with remoulades as well served on rye bread.

Both pieces of open sandwiches are my two favourite pieces among the many type of open Danish sandwiches.

The prices for these two sandwiches was 134 DKK without any anything to drink. I think this is the price level eating lunch. The service was better this time compared to last time having dinner. However, it is not a place standing out as extra-ordinary.

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