August 19, 2014

Dinner "sale" at Vedelsborg, Vejle

I was one of the lucky 100 people, who managed to get hold of the August dinner "sale" deals arranged by restaurant Vedelsborg located in Vejle in form of 3 course dinner for 2 persons for 400 DKK excl. drinks. I have really been looking for eat here since I enjoyed take-away Vedelsborg menu for my birthday. All my expectations were fulfilled in form of great tasting food and excellent service.

As starter we choose pea soup with pieces of Norway lobster souffle, sugar snaps, pea leafs and sour cream. Excellent taste and fantastic texture differences between the rough blended soup, soft pea leafs and cracking sugar snaps.

For the main course we selected fillet & rilette of beef, served with new potatoes, puree of root parsley, a warm salad of this beech mushrooms, spinach, summer cabbage and red currant and finally a ox glace. Uuummhhh, the rilette had the most rich fantastic taste. And the use of red currant in the warm salad gave a refreshing flavour note and texture to this salad.

After these two course we were feeling quiet filled, but we still had one more dish to enjoy in form of dessert. The dessert was an excellent combination of fresh tasting raspberry sorbet and the sweet part in form of airy dark chocolate cake, white chocolate cream served together with various fresh Summer berries. 

This three course dinner incl. one glass of white wine costed 275 DKK. And I will give this dinner six stars for it´s great taste and all the attention to the details to both flavour and texture combination combined with excellent service. This is a place, which I only can recommend for you to try out on your own.

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