August 29, 2014

Flensburger Summer tea for my tea pot 23

When I am travelling either on business or vacation, I like to bring back souvenirs for use in my kitchen either as funny kitchen equipment or food & tea for use in my little kitchen. Sometime this Summer I was on one of my regular day trips to Flensburg in Germany with shopping as the main purpose, where it is possible to save quiet some money compared to the similar stuff here in Denmark such as shoes, stockings, sport cloths, food, cat food, body shampoo and body lotion etc.

In Rote Strasse (an amazing authentic little street located next to the main shopping area of Flensburg) I have located a little tea shop, where I among three bags of tea brought this Flensburger Summer tea, which is a black tea with orange granulate, lemon granulate, flavour, orange and lemon peel. The smell of the tea is quiet pleasant and refreshing without being perfumed, however, I could with some more taste of citrus in the finally brewed tea.

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