October 12, 2014

Apple shopping at on the apple island of Fejø

After we spend the night at Bandholm Hotel, my mother and I started our one-day trip around Lolland and Smålandsfarvandet, where a selection of small islands is located north of Lolland. The only way to come out to the small islands is to take a ferry. And as usual you buy a return ferry ticket on the way over to the island, as they are not selling any tickets on the way back from the island ! Because people returning from the island would have needed to take the ferry to the island in the first place !

We went to the island of Fejø, which is one of the Danish apple islands, where you can see field after field full of apple tree, which are booming the wonderful apples at this time of the year. I think it could be very nice to visit the island during Spring time, when all these apple trees are standing in full bloom. I have never seen so many apple tree in one Danish location beforehand.

Large scale fruit booth
Every little house having apple trees in their gardens were having a garden booth with a honesty box, where you could buy freshly picked apples. And at every apple field we were passing by big tree boxes for transport of picked apples were lined up.

When ever we were passing another car on our drive around the island, the other driver was greeting us ! Very charming and also very unusual for us Danes coming from the "outside" :-)

On one of the road we noticed, that each dead hollow tree trunk was full of stuffed toys left where for unknown reason. It reminds me of the tree in the forest, where the small children are hanging their nipples, when they have stopped using it. Passing by the local waterworks we also saw, that the "locals" had decorated the little fence around the waterworks with crocheted flower decorations :-)

Dead hollow tree full of stuffed toys

I did some "souvenir" shopping at Kernegaarden,which produce apple juice, apple cider and liqueur of the apple cider. I am really looking forward to taste all these different apple products. The only thing, which I did not buy was their apple jam, as I found it to be too liquid, when moving the jam glass around. A jam for me should be thick, and it is possible to make a thick apple jam. However, the composition of the apple jam was 79% apples with sugar and spices, so there is not enough solids to make a more viscous jam, if there is no addition of pectin up top.

When I wanted to pay for my "souvenir shopping", the electronic bank card system was not working. In all other situations like this, you would have to leave the shop without any of the goods. However, on these small islands/country side area, people are trusting each other, so I got a piece of paper with the bank details of shop and I left behind another piece of paper with my name and phone number. The money was transferred on the first coming bank day, so I can enjoy my "souvenir" having a "good taste in my mouth" !

At one of the booth along the road I also bought a bottle of apple juice and a bottle of plum cordial.

I am really looking forward to taste my apple shopping from Fejø :-)

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