October 16, 2014

Farm dairy at Knuthenlund

On our tour around Lolland my mother and I also visited the estate Knuthenlund, which is focusing on organic food. Besides from farming the land, the estate has also established a small dairy, where cheese and yogurt is produced from the milk coming from the sheep and goats living on the estate. In a small, very clean and very trendy farm shop you can see the milking of the goats and sheep every afternoon to one side and the small dairy to the other side with the farm shop in the middle.

At the farm shop you can buy yogurt, cheese and meat from the estate as well as other foods produced in the neighbourhood. You can also enjoy coffee, tea, cake and lunch as well. It was a very nice to visit, so if you are in the area, you should take the time to visit this dairy/farm shop.

Sheep queueing to be milked

As my souvenirs from Knuthenlund I bought linden honey, fresh goat cheese, ripened hard goat cheese and a pot of sheep yogurt with rhubarb.

The yogurt is very thick and creamy. It is also made from the sheep milk as it is with a high fat and protein content. I really liked the consistency, however I could have done with a more sweet taste.

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