October 02, 2014

The kitchen election has been made

Model Kvadrat Hvid
and the "winner" is Svane Køkkenspecific the model Square white with a rack module from the Y20 series.

Why I did choose the suggestion from Svane Køkken ? Certainly not because it was the cheapest deal! Labor charges for installation are very similar between the three different offers that I received. Household appliances and the granite worktop are also costings almost the same for the various offers. So the real differences is the cost for the kitchen units.

After the first visit to Svane Køkken, a follow-up appointment was made in my own kitchen, where all the measurements for the entire 7m2 of my big little kitchen was measured from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. In addition, we had a good discussion about what I like of parts in my current kitchen such as my 5 small drawers being 30 cm width, and what I found problematic such as drawers without sides throughout the drawer height and, therefore things keeps falling out of my jam-filled drawers.
Y 20 rack module

In all the many Swan catalogs I had also seen that you could get a "tall cabinet" in half size to be placed under the table top. What a great thing for storing groceries ! And it seems to be very robust in solid metal and solid flat base, so things will not tilt forward and back for bottoms with net.

Elsewhere in the catalogs I saw a rack module from the kitchen series Y20, where a KitchenAid was exhibited in promt and splendor, and another design detail, which I found really interesting.

What really appeals to me is that the Svane Køkken offers drawers and cupboards in size from 30-90 cm in width, so you are not stuck in 50 or 60 cm, which is standard size for other kitchen companies.

Let me share various drawings from Svane Køkken of my future kitchen with you.

Kitchen seen from above
The "long side" of the kitchen
The wall cabinet is greater than today, going up to the ceiling. In the wall cabinets with glass doors, the shelves are also in glass with built-in lighting. And below the wall cabinets will be light spots. What a lot of light, which I am getting into my kitchen, which seems very dark in the winter.

In the base are 2 further storage drawers for all my kitchen stuff.

End wall of kitchen
On the end walls in the kitchen I will get a rack instead of the current two shelves from Ikea, where I can exhibit my beautiful kitchen utensils and store my cookbooks locked behind a closed door.

"Short side" of the kitchen
On the short side of the kitchen will be hob, oven and extractor as today. The extractor will be filling less visually than the fume hood. On this side of the kitchen will be plinth drawers across the enitre base.

My present kitchen will be removed in beginning of week 44. The bricklayer is then taking control over the kitchen in rest of 44 and 45 removing wall tiles and laying a tile floor. The new kitchen elements and appliances will arrive in week 45, and the new kitchen will be installed in week 46.

But before that awaits me a small task of packing down all my kitchen equipment, baking thing and and groceries. I wonder how long this takes will take me ?

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