October 10, 2014

Week-end dinner at Bandholm Hotel

Starter: salmon from Fejø
As birthday gift to my mother I gave her a weekend stay at Bandholm Hotel. I find it to be an ideal gift for my older mother (being 79 years old), as she has something to look forward to in advance for a few months combined she is able to share her joy with her surrounding for the upcoming event.

As part of the weekend was a three course menu, where we decided to go for the "local menu of Lolland". The "interesting" thing was, the waiter only mentioned the specific ingredients in the starter in form of smoked salmon from Fejø with fresh salad, where the dressing was yogurt produced at Knuthenlund. For the rest of the menu nothing was mentioned about specific ingredients from the island of Lolland !!! The salmon was tasting quiet good and the texture was firm, which I like.

As main course we were served neck fillet from pork with a good selection of fresh vegetable and rye otto and mushroom sauce. The sauce was tasting excellent, and the rye otto was also quiet good. The rest of this main course was more to the plain side, not bad neither very good.

And you can not complain about the size/volume of this main course. There was plenty of food.

The dessert in form of plum trifle was anyway excellent. As bottom layer a plum compote decorated with slices of fresh plums, Italian meringue, firm nut biscuits, macaroon crumbs and whipped dairy cream. uuuuuhhhmmm :-)

I will give this three course menu three stars, as the dessert was excellent dessert, but there is room for improvement for the actually main course. And I did no really get the idea of "Smagen af Lolland", as only the starter was specific related to Lolland.

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