October 14, 2014

First parts for the new kitchen has arrived

My kitchen project is moving along quietly at the time being. There are now 11 days left, before my old kitchen disappears forever !!! The first parts of the new kitchen is actually already arrived in a cardboard box, the Anne Black porcelain handles, which I have chosen instead of the standard solutions from the kitchen supplier.

I have even ordered 2 extra grip based on the recommendations of the "mothers" among family and friends, as you never know, if these handles can be found again, if they break sometime out in the future. So yes, I have listened to you "mothers":-)

Tonight the electrician also came by to inspect the kitchen, receive a plan of the future kitchen and talk about the need for more electrical outlets for lights in the wall cabinets. The good news is that there is a need to make changes in the electrical switchboard.

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