May 01, 2019

May - what´s up ?

May - what´s up ?

May is the month in Denmark, where everything is full of live in form of blooming fruit trees, all the trees and forests dressed up in the most fantastic green colour full of life and hopeful plenty of sunshine.

May is also one of the month with plenty of days from work, as we celebrate various public holidays, so this you more time to spend in the kitchen. One of these public holiday is Store Bededay (Danish holiday), which is celebrated by eating a special Danish wheat bun called "hveder" (2019 "hveder" wheat buns with cardamon).

My birthday is also in in May, which I will be inviting inviting guests around for either birthday coffee and birthday lunch, so I spend quiet some time to looking various cake recipes, followed by plenty of baking activities in my kitchen. A classic Danish birthday cake is the cream cake such as this

 Asparagus will also play an interesting role in various dishes, one example could be this risotto

spring green risotto

Another item in season is rhubarb, which can be used in anything from jam over cordial to cake like these cookies

I will also in the beginning of May participate in the gin workshop on how to make your own gin and tonic, I will keep you posted on this workshop as well. Another activity here in the month of May is the annual Kagens Dag (Day of the Cake) in my local city of Vejle and yes, I have tickets (2019 Kagens Dag !!!!

I hope you will look by my kitchen from time to time here in May to see, what kind of activities have taken place in my kitchen or in the garden :-)

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