June 10, 2019

Ceramic market at Lillebæltsværftet May 2019

Saturday 11 May 2019 a smaller ceramic marked at Lillebæltværftet took place in Middelfart. The marked turned out to be smaller (less booths with ceramic), than I had expected, before going to the marked. 

The quality of the ceramic marked was very high, and the entrance to the marked was for free. So perhaps I will come again to this marked, which will come again in September.

So what could I not live without ?

I found this green ceramic vase made by Mads Ottow from Bag Det Blå Hus. It is a vase in the shape of a poppy. It can be used both as a vase, but it can also be placed up side down on a stick outside in the garden as decoration.

And for my collection of dining plate made in green ceramic I also brought this plate made by Signe Kähler, so now I have invite two guests for dinner. (Studio Arhøj plate & Skagen Potteri plate).

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