June 28, 2019

Shopping in Alsace

Home again after another great vacation in Alsace with a car full of shopping of food, tea and wine. A Peugeot 208 can contain minimum 60 bottles of wine AND a cooling box for transport of yogurt & wine in the trunk  !!! The rest of the luggage can be on the back seat of the car :-) And yes, also this year I had brought some flowers for my terrace.

The wine shelf in a French supermarket is divided into the various wine regions of France. And a supermarket in Alsace will on top divide the Alsace part of the wine shelves into the individual wine grapes (riesling, pinot blanc, pinot gris, muscat etc).

Besides from filling up the trunk with bottles of Alsace brought directly at various wine makers in Alsace I was buying different types of black tea at three different tea shops. I found tea from Dammann as loose tea leaves (Jardin Blue, Gout Russe Douchka & Etoile du Desert). I also located the tea shop of Le Théier Collection, which I have been buying before (Grande Catherine, Rose de Perse (my favourite rose flavoured tea) & Pomme de Pré) incl. a stainless drinking container, which can keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours (and it works perfect). And finally I found a new French tea brand (well at least for me) in form of Compagnie Coloniale, where I will try out Jardin Gourmand & Cerise.

I was filling up my cooling box with some of my favourite French cheese such as Comte cheese, small goat cheese appetizer and a fresh cheese with a tomato filling (I will soon host the last of my birthday celebration with a lunch "in the green" = outdoor lunch, if the weather plays along my plans !!!), cream cheese with a nut mixture of walnuts and almonds. Also fruit yogurt made it´s way back to my refrigerator.
This small selection of Bonne Mamam jam was also brought by me in form jam made from Reine Claude plums, peach jam, apricot jam and rhubarb jam. If you want to make your own home-made versions of these jam, when have a look here: rhubarb jam with vanillaapricot jam with lavender & plum jam with star anise & vanilla. I was also filling up my stock of caramel sauce and mustard (classic Maille mustard & mustard with sauvignon grapes). Also Speculoos cookies (home-made speculoos) and paste ended up in my shopping backet.   

One of the dishes of Alsace is tarte flambee, so as usual I brought some dough plates for tarte flambee. Two box of fast risotto also ended up in my shopping basket, one with cheese flavour and the other with mushrooms. A suggestion for home-made risotto with portobello mushrooms

Finally two Patesserie magazines together with a new doormate with poppy decoration made their way back with me to Vejle :-)

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