August 14, 2019

Tricolore de currant cordial

It started with, that I first found this recipe on black currant cordial in the latest issue of Country Living. As I had easy access to plenty of black currants in the garden of my good friends in Horsens, it was an easy task to test out this recipe.

Besides from black currant there is also red and white currants, so I thought it could be funny to make individual currants cordial, simply replacing the black currants with either red or white currants. And this away around create my very own "tricolore de currant cordial".

Perhaps due to too high pectin content in the red currants, the red currant cordial did gel in the bottle, while the remaining two cordials still are liquid. So fare I have enjoyed the black currant cordial both at home as well at work.

So to make your own "tricolore de currant cordial" you should make:

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